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Vaccine recations

RE: The post about vaccinations and tying-up
I'm very surprised your Vet doesn't realize that your horse
is is having a systemic immune reaction to
one or all of the shots.
 (He's not tying-up in the classical sense, which
is called exertional rabdomylosis)

I would be more worried about laminitis or founder
at this point.

It also does not make any difference that you
 never noticed a reaction in previous years..
it could be that it was subtle, and getting
 progressively worse..
or, it can
happen if the horse's antibody count is too
high when he gets re-vaccinated for certain diseases.

I've seen horses "off" for 90 days after reactions like
you're discribing.

I've seen a horse (mine) have a severe adverse
reaction...a post-vaccination seizure to be exact....
which in my opinion, was worse (as far as violent
behaviour) than when I saw a Vet tech accidentally
shoot an air bubble into the carotid artery of a
colicking horse.

Vaccine reactions should also be reported to
 the drug maunfactuuer by your Vet.
Although, when combo shots are given, it's almost impossible
to tell which it is (or if it's just too many at once).

Good luck with him, and keep those feet cool.

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