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Update on Donte/LLLT

Hi everyone, not sure if you all will remember, but we have
the fetlock that looked like a windpuff. Saw Dr. Foss,
turned out to be scar tissue adhering to the tendon and
restricting movement. Met with Tom Ivers, bought a TENS
unit, 3 months later things were better, but not fixed. Dr.
Foss was pretty happy with how things were going! Now, 3
months later, we still are doing good, but the progress
seems to have slowed/stopped. I am on Tom's board and a gal
who uses LLLT (low light laser therapy) suggested the laser
to further break up the scar tissue. Well, she sent the
machine and I got it today. So excited to try it and
document the results for Tom, Dr. Foss and anybody else
who's horses may have a similar injury. New stuff, but not
to be discounted. The lady who suggested this runs a rehab
equine place in Texas and seems to really know her stuff.
So tonight is our first treatment, will be taking numerous
digital photos of before/after and will document results.
This is Donte's last chance, so keep your fingers crossed
for us! Looked at another horse this weekend, which made me
want him back even more!!!!!

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