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Re: Vaccines and tying up (long)

I couldn't say why or if the vaccines are related to the possible tie-up.
If the bloodwork does show a true tie-up, then my suggestions for managing
it through diet are generally 1) eliminate alfalfa from the ration (though
it sounds like you're feeding very little, anyway, so don't think that was a
major factor), 2) ask your vet to run some serum selenium and whether hay
from your area is selenium-deficient (it is in many parts of the NE) and
supplement according to his instructions---selenium isn't one of those
things you go supplementing willy-nilly with, 3) If the horse is getting
appreciable amounts of grain, try replacing them with non-starch sources of
calories.  Soaked beet pulp and added vegetable fats are my preference, or
just a pound or two of rice bran.  I'm not a huge fan of rice bran, but it
is handy for this sort of thing and is a good source of vit E as well---just
feed Equi-Jewel for the ca-p balance, or if feeding another brand, otherwise
make sure your ca-p ratio is in line, and don't go crazy feeding tons of the
stuff. 4) Make sure the horse has sufficient salt available---even if he has
a block available, consider providing loose salt (just plain grocery store
salt is fine, doesn't have to be fancy) so you know he's getting all he

If this reaction to vaccines becomes a habit, I'd definitely talk to Dr. Van
Noy about his adaptogen product.  I'm going to stay out of the debate
whether or not competing endurance horses should be getting this particular
therapy, and on what basis, but it sure sounds to me like your horse had an
inappropriate immune/inflammatory response and his product seems to address
that.  Whether or not it's effective, I don't know, but the scientific
theory is a reasonable one and he's going about it the right way in
providing for independent clinical evaluation.  It might be well worth a try
in your case---if so, be sure to let us all know how it comes out for you.
Hopefully, this was a one-shot deal for your horse and won't happen again.

Good luck,
Susan G

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