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Re: RC: Re: Another troublesome body-part

While sickle hock is a common flaw in a walking horse it is still a
conformational flaw - just like it is for any other breed of horse - and
one selected for endurance should not have it, else they will get hock
problems. The overstride should come from a long loose rear end driving
hard hence allowing the other back leg to reach farther naturally not
from crooked legs.

On the other hand as a walker becomes more fit, their walk will get
faster. My mare has a walking speed (plain old walk here ) of about the
same speed of a trotting horse's slow trot. Because of the long loose
stride there is a tremendious amount of thrust in their pelvis at the
walk - which can transfer to your pelvis. This can in fact put stress on
the riders lower back - especially if you are riding in a treeless saddle
like a sports saddle. I rode a sports saddle on the mare for about 5
miles and I could not ride her at a walk because of this thrust. With a
normal saddle with a tree it's not too bad but it can still be there..

Every horse is different and every person is different. I can ride some
horses and consider them very smooth whereas my wife will not think them
smooth at all and the horses she thinks smooth I do not. The body
structure of both the horse and rider play into what is a smooth horse
and what isn't.

All that being said I sure wish I had that canter and gallop of my mares
on my Arab, sigh. The good news is her filly is coming on to two and in
about 4 years I'll hitting the trail on a smooth ride.


> >
> > The TWHs have a gait called "dog walk" that is like any
> normal
> > horse's walk (one gear below the flat walk, two before
> running walk)
> > and it *slams* you.  They have hocks that are out beyond the
> vertical
> > (on purpose) and with the overstride, it's a lot of motion.
> They're
> > great horses, but unless you stay in flat walk and above,
> they are
> > NOT smooth.
> >
> > My mare has the most wonderful rocking horse canter, just
> like my
> > TWHs did.  Stay away from the short-coupled Arabs where the
> motor is
> > right underneath you; pick one with a big hip that doesn't
> have any
> > trouble stepping up, and you'll be comfortably surprised.
> >
> > I used to ride with a back support, haven't needed one in
> years now.
> >
> > Lynne
> > and smooth ole Ember
> >
> >
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