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Re: Re: RC: Another troublesome body-part

I must respectfully disagree with Lynnes generalization
of TWHs walk as being rough.  It may be true for some TWHs, but
the two I have ridden extensively both have very smooth,
'slam'-free walks.  The first walker I rode extensively is
wonderfully smooth in ALL his gaits.  My current TWH
is smooth at a walk, running-walk and rack. His running walk 
and rack are great (though not the best I have ridden): I can 
just sit back, and could easily pass the 'water glass' test. 
(If you've never ridden a gaited horse, it is quite something 
to zip along at a four-beat gait, no posting, just sitting~  
Too cool!)  Cy will occasionally trot... now THAT is murder, 
especially when he swiches into it unexpectedly from a running-
walk, catching me sitting back, totally unprepared to post.  
His canter is not rough per se, but is long-strided, requiring 
considerable "following" motion in the pelvis to sit it, which 
is hard on the lower back for any length of time.

  Again,as is so often stated here, all horses are different, 
and of course riders have different tastes in gaits (I find 
that lovely arab 'floating trot' is lovely to look a but, with 
its long period of suspension, murder to ride).  Just don't 
want anyone to get put off walkers based on one persons 

Amanda - sticking with my Walker for now
Cy     - Gee, thanks, mom.  Where's breakfast?

> The TWHs have a gait called "dog walk" that is like any 
> horse's walk (one gear below the flat walk, two before 
running walk) 
> and it *slams* you.  They have hocks that are out beyond the 
> (on purpose) and with the overstride, it's a lot of motion.  
> great horses, but unless you stay in flat walk and above, 
they are 
> NOT smooth.
> My mare has the most wonderful rocking horse canter, just 
like my 
> TWHs did.  Stay away from the short-coupled Arabs where the 
motor is 
> right underneath you; pick one with a big hip that doesn't 
have any 
> trouble stepping up, and you'll be comfortably surprised.
> I used to ride with a back support, haven't needed one in 
years now.
> Lynne
> and smooth ole Ember

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