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RE: Ansur Saddle Flipside

I had a VERY similar experience with Ariat.  I bought a brand new pair 
of Ariat Extremes at my local tack shop.  After riding in them *once* 
the poor quality leather on the inside of the left boot was "sliced up", 
right where the leather creases when you take a step.  It was obvious to 
me that the leather was thinner and of a poorer quality than my old 
Ariat Winter boots which I have had for five years(and used hard!).  I 
imagine the metal EZ Rides caused the cuts, but as expensive as these 
boots are, one would think they could hold up to a stirrup!  Besides 
that, the other boot was fine!  There were probably more than a dozen 
deep cuts in the leather and I had done no more than an ordinary 
conditioning ride.  No extreme or unusual circumstances, just a ride I'd 
done 100's of times in my old Ariats and have worn them for years with 
no problem.  Well, I wrote to the company and got no response.  So, I 
took them back to the tack shop and she said that it was my fault that 
the leather was cut, that I had somehow done it.  So, I contacted the 
company again and  did get a response.  They told me to put some shoe 
conditioner on the gouges and basically that they would do nothing.  
After a third email and no further response I vowed that I would never 
buy another pair.  One thing I can't abide is a company that doesn't 
stand behind what it sells.  I was a die hard Ariat wearer, and in fact, 
probably have half a dozen pairs around here.  It seems like no one's in 
it for the long haul anymore, they only care about the immediate cash. 
   I was also displeased to find out that the boots are now being made 
in China.  I had assumed they were American made.  It just doesn't make 
sense to me.  When a cheap repair or replacement will preserve a 
customer why some companies don't fall all over themselves to make 
something right.  I tell you, if I was selling $2000 saddles, I sure would!
Has anybody tried Double H boots?  They are made right here in PA and I 
thought I'd give them a try.  Any other winter riding boots out there 
(for WIDE feet!) that you really like?
Thanks (and thanks for letting me vent a little, been holding on to that 
for awhile!),


> So I 
> sent the saddle back to Ansur to be repaired.  Believing it to be under 
> warranty.   The owner of the company himself responded to the warranty repair 
> stating that "someone" other than his company, had cut the leather AND dyed 
> it to cover it up!! And that it wasn't covered under warranty so I was to pay 
> 75. bucks to have it repaired and returned.   I don't know what planet he is 
> from but here on earth noone cuts a brand new 2000. dollar saddle and then 
> does without it for 3 weeks waiting for it to be repaired and don't l

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