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Ariant boot quality

My experience with Ariat's - after about a month of riding them may twice a week
the leather stretched and the eyes started to come out. I had to reaplace every
eye. Then after about 4 months the hooks started to rip right out of the leather. I
ride with plastic stirrups so that can't be blamed. They are just pieces of
garbage. For their price they had better damn well hold up better than this.

I then started riding in Wolverine work boots. They wear like iron and are about
3/4 the price of the Ariant.


Lisa wrote:

> I had a VERY similar experience with Ariat.  I bought a brand new pair
> of Ariat Extremes at my local tack shop.  After riding in them *once*
> the poor quality leather on the inside of the left boot was "sliced up",
> right where the leather creases when you take a step.  It was obvious to
> me that the leather was thinner and of a poorer quality than my old
> Ariat Winter boots which I have had for five years(and used hard!).  I
> imagine the metal EZ Rides caused the cuts, but as expensive as these
> boots are, one would think they could hold up to a stirrup!  Besides
> that, the other boot was fine!

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