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Rate an Endurance Ride/View Ride Photos

Sportack has just put up a fun new site that has event ratings, ride photos,
and allows riders to rate events.  In the future we will also have a
detailed list of ride results. was developed by Sportack to
allow riders more control of their selected equine events. We hope the
ratings and photos will help improve the quality of events, allow riders to
choose events that will match their abilities and help choose between events
during the same time frame. will continue to grow with rider
participation and suggestions. Have Fun!

The new page can be viewed at  We hope to have a link on
endurance net soon.

We are also looking for riders to help populate the ride photo section.  If
you have a digital camera and go to several events during the year we would
love to have your photos on the site.  We will exchange ride photos for
Sportack merchandise or cash.

Garrett Ford

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