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Re: New Saare Saddle

Hi all,

Thank you everybody for your suggestions re: the saddle and ways to get
the stuff out of my skin.  Tons of hand lotion later and I'm about
rash-free now.  LOL

I feel compelled to say something though.  I in no way meant to say
anything negative about Sharon's saddles.  Quite the opposite, in fact. 
I have been looking the saddle over and the quality is undeniable. 
Every part of it, from leather to stitching to hardware is top-notch.  I
don't see anything skimpy or lacking anywhere.

As far as the fiberglass problem, I am thinking that like Sharon said,
it was left over dust from when they cut and shaped the fiberglass.  I
know it shouldn't be there, and I'm sure Sharon wasn't too happy to get
my phone call, but I don't think it is going to be a major problem.  I
say this because after blowing the h*ll out of it with the air hose, I
can run my hands through the fleece now without feeling the stuff
getting into my skin.

I think it was probably just a fluke thing and it's not the end of the

Okay, I'm done.  I just didn't want anybody thinking twice about getting
a Saare saddle if they were considering it.  Because, even though this
one is new and all my others were used when I bought them, the quality
is beyond compare, and this one will just get better with use - that
lovely broken in feel.  I can't wait to ride in it.


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