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Ansur saddle flipside

Steph, I figured if we can tout the virtues of a product, there is also room 
to discuss the other side of the coin. 
  IN this case an Ansur saddle, I purchased about 2 months ago.  My issue 
isn't so much the amazing virtues of the saddle itself, but the customer 
service that any product should have to back it up.  I had a horrible 
experience with the company about a stirrup hanger that was poorly 
constructed and caused the stirrup leather to fall off.  This, as you can 
imagine, was extremely dangerous.  Especially at high speeds. 
 Well, most products have a Monday morning reject every now and again.  So I 
sent the saddle back to Ansur to be repaired.  Believing it to be under 
warranty.   The owner of the company himself responded to the warranty repair 
stating that "someone" other than his company, had cut the leather AND dyed 
it to cover it up!! And that it wasn't covered under warranty so I was to pay 
75. bucks to have it repaired and returned.   I don't know what planet he is 
from but here on earth noone cuts a brand new 2000. dollar saddle and then 
does without it for 3 weeks waiting for it to be repaired and don't lets 
forget the 75. bucks add to this for the fun.   I told him to stuff it 
(pardon the pun).  
The larger issue here is,  if anyone buys something , especially a very big 
investment such as this, the only thing you have to feel safe is the warranty 
and quality of the people who stand behind it.  This is only one experience, 
I'm sure there will be all sort of folks who will counter with positive 
things to say about this product.  GREAT.  But if I were going to spend alot 
of dough on anything I would want to know what lay in store for me in the 
long haul...  Their brouchure states " We don't know how long they last, 
we've only been making them for 2 years".  Yiks.
What a way to start out.

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