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Re: Saddle fit & other Myths

You still don't have it right. Everyone has their own idea of what
measurements an Arab tree has a QH tree etc. There are 2 main elements to a
tree, width and pitch of the bars. Just because the label on a saddle says
it has QH bars or it says it has Arab bars doesn't mean at all that it will
fit a QH or and Arab. Big Horn does use injected molded trees mainly from
Ralide and you are right. The Ralide tree would fit no Arab the way it is
designed. I have a pitch I moreless call an Arab pitch, which actually is a
according to my tree maker is a Semi Quarter pitch, only because a lot of
Arabs I fit use that pitch. I fit a lot of Arabs also though that take a
Thorobred pitch which is even steeper than the Semi Quarter. Then there are
those short backed very wide shouldered ,tank, type Arabs that need very
short bars, very wide through the gullet, sometimes even 8 or 81/2" wide and
a very lay down pitch such as the Full QH bars and sometimes even more layed
down than that!

Marilyn Horstmyer
Desoto Custom Saddlery
(231) 775-5612
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> > I have always believed quarter horse trees were the widest in saddle
> fit but  my local saddle shop corrected me on that one this past year.
> Arab  tree is  the widest - then QH
> She's right. We borrowed trees from Big Horn for a saddle fitting
> demonstration at our local Arabian Horse Club.  The Arabian tree was
> incredibly wide. Would have fit a Belgian. Swallowed every Arab we put it
> on.  The semi-QH bars that are on the endurance model was closest to what
> fit them.  I used to complain that they didn't use an Arab tree for their
> endurance model but no more. Just wonder what Arab they designed it for.
> Angie
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