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Re: RC: Re: AERC points

>It is my understanding that a 2 day 100 mile race would have the potential
to earn the same >number of points as two seperate 50's.  If so, what is
the advantage of registering for a 2 day >100 instead of doing the first
50, and then deciding wether to do the 50 on the following day?  

There can be an advantage to registering for a 2-day 100.  If you finish 12th
the first day and 1st the second day (for example) the points will be 50 for
the first day (overall points, weight division points will differ) and 150
for the second for a total of 200 if you are doing two separate 50's.  Now if
you do the same on a 2-day 100, this could have you finishing say 2nd
overall, that would be 250 points, because you double the points for that
placing.  See what I mean?  On a 2-day, they keep track of where you finish
against all the other 2-day riders.  Not against all in the separate 50's.  
But if you get pulled the second day, and don't get credit for the 50 you
finished the first day.  Clear as mud?

Nina (official points keeper for SERA)

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