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Re: RC: Lakeside Classic

Ah, "do you remember when" -- there was a ride years back called the San
Antonio 50 and it had without a doubt the most beautiful  silver buckle
going (back when all the rides were all giving buckles).  Being new to
endurance riding at the time, my husband and I and a few others from our
area decided to "get that buckle".  Oh, we did, but what we got was a
pewter (nickle I don't know) looking one.  Yep, they changed the year we
decided to go.  Oh well, had a great ride, saw some beautiful country and
had a good time.  I am just assuming you are traversing some of the same
area - we camped right at the San Antonio Mission.  Carol

On Fri, 23 Feb 2001 16:25:43 -0800 RONALD SANCHES
<> writes:
>Entries are now available for the Lakeside Classic 25/50 to be held on
>April 21st.  We will have a new loop for the 25 milers and 2 new loops
>for the 50's.  Ft Hunter Liggett has graciously opened up some areas 
>us for our ride, so this is a special opportunity which may never come
>again to ride this trail.  We also have a new section through the park
>at Lake San Antonio, a new equestrian trail open to the public.  Give 
>a call at (805) 472-9228, fax (805) 472-2647 or e mail us.  Thanks,  
>& Barbara Sanches
>PS - This ride, as always, benefits the non-profit organization, 
>Veterans of Monterey County.  We are also offering a Friday nite
>spaghetti feed for those who wish to leave their pots and pans at 
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