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Re: need GN hitch advice

Title: Re:  need GN hitch advice
I've just bought a used Sundowner GN LQ trailer so now I guess I really am going on XP2001!  I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado 2500HD shortbed truck and need input on which hitch to get.  I've been told by one knowledgeable source that pop-up balls aren't working well in this model truck since the frame has been completely redesigned.

I just bought a used Sundowner GN LQ and had to run out and get a new hitch to pull it with (this is my first GN, I'm psyched!).

I got a DrawTite, Remove-A-Ball GN hitch installed in my Chevy Silverado longbed.

It doesn't pop-up, you take the ball compleatly out when you're not using it.  Very easy.  Leaves a metal plate with a few nubbies on it, but otherwise, you get you bed right back.

It's rated to 30,000 (supposedly) and is pretty easy to manage so far.  Cost me about $475 installed.

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