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Re: Ride Management

Hi Steve,
If I understood your formula (and heaven knows I'm NOT a math person), then
this is very close to what the ride managers in Texas ends up paying our
So what are the going rates around the country?
Does anyone else write a letter stating payment to and expectations from
your Vets?

Linda Parrish (I've enjoyed the laughs of Howard roasting and the memories
of my good trail dog, but I like this topic)
Kennard, TX

-----Original Message-----

>First is what I want to call Vet Pay Scale:
>I propose a formula to pay vets at endurance rides.... base pay of $250
>per vet and then 10% of the total of the price of the ride(s) times the
>number of riders starting. The vets can (or should) pay the head vet a
>portion of that and then divide the balance between the number of vets
>working the ride.

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