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Ride Management

Well, here I go....
Guess this time of year we need something fun and controversial as there
is only dogs and wives on ridecamp.....

I propose some new thoughts and discussion about managing rides...

First is what I want to call Vet Pay Scale: It is SO difficult to get
vets for rides in the West that we should consider some innovative ways
to encourage them to participate. I have more than a few ideas. Here is
one of them...

BTW Michele has been working for over a month contacting Vets to work
the Fireworks Endurance Ride in Santa Cruz (she is not vetting it and we
are not riding it, she just is trying to help management--Liz
Maitoza....and Michele has yet to find a head vet or any others...)

I propose a formula to pay vets at endurance rides.... base pay of $250
per vet and then 10% of the total of the price of the ride(s) times the
number of riders starting. The vets can (or should) pay the head vet a
portion of that and then divide the balance between the number of vets
working the ride.

I believe that when we have a high priced ride and many number of riders
that the vets should then become "partners" with ride management and get
incremental pay for all of the work ensuing....especially when there are
only a few vets....working their tails off.

Play with the formula and see how it doesn't hurt the ride but is sure
an inducement for the vets.

Anyone want to pass this on to the Vet Listserve?

STeve Shaw

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