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Re: Question for the serious trail rider.

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> Cindy Young
> I am thinking about purchasing acreage and opening a boarding facility.
If you were looking for a place to board and a serious trail rider, what
would you be looking for in a boarding facility geared toward the trail
rider?  Any feedback would be helpful.  Thank you for your input. Cindy

California style?  Lets see, first of all, no barbed wire!!  Pretty darn
hard here, most big pasture boarding places in the Bay Area have 50 year
old- plus falling down barbed wire, rotted wood or T-posts, or sagging field
fence the horses can get their feet stuck in.

Next would be pasture free from star thistle (wish on), and no poison oak!
Minimal brush that harbors ticks.

Clean water, and supplemental hay fed; thick trees or
run-in-sheds........Heck, if I found all that, I would be thrilled!!!!

Still, if all that was on a large, maybe hilly pasture, THAT would be
probably the healthiest situation for the horses.

Small, individual tack rooms would be nice, I sure would not expect arenas
or hot water!  Access to trails?  Not a requirement as I haul to trails.

Bring in horses every night??  Ha ha........


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