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Re: Question for the serious trail rider.


If I were looking for a stable to board my horse and I *competed* in events
that use trails (Endurance, CTR, Ride N Tie, Mounted Orienteering, etc)
then I would want a place with access to the forest.  A stable owner that
was more knowledgable than myself.  Someone that paid close attention to
details.  (I have taken two horses from a stable where they were boarded and
the owner did not notice for TWO days!  Sad!)

I would look for a barn that had good manure removal, excellent fly control
and detailed rotational worm schedules.  Vaccine requirements for all horses
coming onto the property and those boarded there.  24 hour/ 7 day a week
Open to allowing the owner's choice of farriers and vets.  Paddock turnout
at least 12 hours a day with access to grass.

Now, if I were looking for a place to board a "trail horse" that knew
nothing of competition, would never see competition, then I would want a
friendly environment with knowledgable staff.  I would not want to spend my
recreational time dealing with snotty people/rude people.  I would still
want the best care for my horse as outlined above.

Good Luck,


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