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Re: RC: Re: Question for the serious trail rider.


In addition to Donna's comments below, make sure that the stalls are 
adequate size (12 x 12), that gates to your paddocks or pastures can be 
easily opened with one hand, your fencing is safe and sturdy, your tack room 
is big enough for the gear for your boarders, and that there is plenty of 
space to hang blankets, lead ropes, halters and the like near the stalls.  
Even if you cater to trail riders (competition level  or pleasure) there 
should be a riding ring with lights.  Make sure you have ample storage for 
hay, grain, and shavings.  Also figure out whether you want rough boarders 
or full boarders, and have one or the other.  I am a rough boarder (I just 
rent a stall, I do all of the work) at a barn where there are full boarders 
as well, and the rough boarders are treated like barn slaves because we are 
always there. So the two just don't mix well.  Also, make sure you get 
insurance (liability, care-custody&control,etc) and have boarding 
agreements. Good luck,

Carolyn Burgess

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>If I were looking for a stable to board my horse and I *competed* in events
>that use trails (Endurance, CTR, Ride N Tie, Mounted Orienteering, etc)
>then I would want a place with access to the forest.  A stable owner that
>was more knowledgable than myself.  Someone that paid close attention to
>details.  (I have taken two horses from a stable where they were boarded 
>the owner did not notice for TWO days!  Sad!)
>I would look for a barn that had good manure removal, excellent fly control
>and detailed rotational worm schedules.  Vaccine requirements for all 
>coming onto the property and those boarded there.  24 hour/ 7 day a week
>Open to allowing the owner's choice of farriers and vets.  Paddock turnout
>at least 12 hours a day with access to grass.
>Now, if I were looking for a place to board a "trail horse" that knew
>nothing of competition, would never see competition, then I would want a
>friendly environment with knowledgable staff.  I would not want to spend my
>recreational time dealing with snotty people/rude people.  I would still
>want the best care for my horse as outlined above.
>Good Luck,
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