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The Infamous Howard

Thought I'd share a little story that just goes to show how famous (infamous?) Howard has become......

I am brand new to Endurance and have been reading Ride Camp faithfully for a couple of months now. I read all of Howard's stories and posts and was quite curious to see what this guy looked like. When I volunteered at Osceola I asked a few people at the ride if they knew him.....(Common response, "Howard?? Oh yeah..we know Howard, all right) Kept my eyes open to spot the RideCamp "celebrity" and ended up doing P&R for his daughter. One of the other ladies did his P&R so  I never did get to introduce myself and perhaps share a beer after the race. But I was able to satisfy my curiosity in spotting him, even if I didn't get an autograph.HA!

Later in the race I ended up doing P&R for one of the winners of the 100s. I, of course, was impressed and honored to get to P&R the winners, but had no idea who anyone was. During the vet check a gentlemen with one of the winners (turned out to be her husband, I believe) told me a very touching story of how they had come by this particular horse. Afterwards, Natalie, who was scribing for the vet doing that horses check, comes over to my friend and I holding a camera and looking very star struck. She says excitedly, "Did you see? My dad got a picture of me and Valerie and her horse! Oh my god!" Okaaaay.....did I miss something? She then filled me in on all of Valerie Kanavy's accomplishments and why I should be on my knees in front of such endurance greatness.

So as it turns I am happpy to have spotted Howard and a few other great RideCampers, and have evidently P&Red one of the Goddesses of Endurance Riding and had no clue.

Just goes to show how fickle celebrity truly is.......


(still horseless in Florida)

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