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Re: RC: Ride Management

In a message dated 02/23/2001 8:25:06 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Do some of the math Barbara, No vet will ever get JUST $250. Take 40 
riders X
 entry fee of $75 with two vets... That is $400 per vet... about the going 
 If 100 riders show up and there are 4 vets then they each get $438.

When I'm managing a ride, I have more on my mind than figuring out some 
mathematical equation on how much each vet is going to earn.  Besides, the 
vets would likely prefer to know up front what they are going to be paid 
BEFORE the ride, not after, based on how many riders came.  Even at $438, 
that is not enough for some of the vets.  The problem now is not how much to 
pay them, but where to find them.  More vets are either riding, vetting out 
of their region, being extremely selective, or quitting.  What we need is 
more vets to choose from, new vets coming along.  Many of the long-time vets 
are burned out.


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