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Nashville TN

Hi, Ridecampers,

I've been lurking for quite awhile since I returned from Cambodia.  Been 
looking for a job and seem to have a really good shot at one in Nashville, TN.

My husband and I may be moving in less than a month (fingers, toes, eyes 
crossed and hands folded in prayer).

If I get this job, I'll be investing in my next horse (sold my Apache while 
I was in Cambodia and his new owners love him to death and won't part with 
him).  I think I found the perfect match.  A lovely grey Arabian 
gelding.  7 years old.  Nicely trained and slightly nervous about new 
things.  I really like him and hope I get this job so I can afford his 
purchase price.

Anyhow, I'll need a place to board this horse in Nashville until Daniel (my 
husband) and I can find property to buy.  If you know of someplace that's 
suitable to board at and not too expensive (under $100/month), please let 
me know.  I only want pasture board.  Don't need anybody to feed or mess 
with my horse (prefer that doesn't happen), just a pasture to put him in 
for 3-6 months.

Also looking for riders to ride with in the Nashville area.  Email 
privately so as not to clutter the list, please.

Thanks!  :)

April (the bareback rider, looking forward to training a new horse to go 
bareback for long distances :) )
Chattanooga (soon Nashville?), TN 

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