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Re: Ansur Saddles

I ride in an Ansur Classic, but haven't ridden in the endurance model, the Ansur Safari.  The Classic doesn't have the air channel, so sits directly on the horse. As such, it isn't recommended for more than about two hours of riding.  I do arena work and short trail rides in it with no problems or soreness.  I've used this saddle for a year and a half, and have one of the first models. 
I love this saddle!!!   More importantly, the horses love this saddle.  That said, it is not for everyone.   Because it is treeless, it molds to the shape of whatever horse it is on.  This has not been an issue for me, but people with horses at one or the other end of the extremes can find it disconcerting.
I have been lucky enough to see numerous horses ridden in the ansur, and have witnessed some remarkable improvements.  The more sensitive horses seem to like it the best.   Since this is a relatively new saddle, there are no long term studies.  However, many horses that I personally know of, including mine, are given regular massage and/or chiropractic sessions.  My vet, equine massage therapist, and chiropractic vet have all been impressed with the "health" and development of the horse's backs. 
I don't know if this is the right saddle for you but my experience, and the experience of numerous people I know, has been positive, both for rider and horse.
By the way, there is a contest currently going on in which a person can win an Ansur Classic.  Perhaps, if a person won and paid the difference, they could get a Safari instead.  It might be worth asking, anyway.    The website is
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I contacted this company about the saddles they are selling.
It is a treeless saddle with a weight bearing panel to get the rider off the horse's spine.
Does anyone here have any experience with these saddles?  If so, good, bad or indifferent?
The saddles seem like a good idea to me, but then, so did alot of other things before I actually tried them.


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