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roasting Howard

Ahhhhh, I see Howard you married a smart one didn't ya? She
knows the only way to keep an eye on you is to join you!!!
What is she gonna ride Howard? I can just picture the
stories you'll be posting! How she whoops you at "your" own
sport! Maybe she'll have to post her ride stories to
ridecamp and we can compare to yours. Sort of a "factual"
version! :) <g> (and I bet with alot less "nekidness" too!)
Yep, you're in big trouble now!!!!!! :)


--- wrote:
> In a message dated 2/21/01 5:23:32 PM Eastern Standard
> Time, 
> writes:
> << Since you think women can't do a lot of things, we can
> make a good
>  guess as to your wifes approximation of your ambition
> level ^-) >>
> I hope ya'll don't mind me responding; just for my own
> piece of mind, 
> reference the wife and how I really feel about women in
> general.  My fear, 
> you see, is she might become one of ya and then, since we
> all know that an 
> endurance woman doesn't really need a man, if she joins
> the crowd, just what 
> the heck am I gonna be good for?
> I think her prime motivation was what happened at the
> ride she attended last 
> week end, when a group of women dropped off my buckets
> and stuff that were at 
> the away vet checks.  They delivered it all the way to my
> kind of remote 
> campsite and I gave them each a beer.  I don't think my
> wife really approved 
> of this type of behavior and, since it appeared I do this
> kind of think quite 
> often, she has made a vow to attend most rides, either as
> a crew dog or as an 
> LD rider.
> She's reading Susan G's EN articles on beet pulp as I
> write this.  Life is 
> too good.
> haha.
> cya,
> Howard
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