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Re: RC: re:roasting Howard

In a message dated 2/21/01 5:23:32 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< Since you think women can't do a lot of things, we can make a good
 guess as to your wifes approximation of your ambition level ^-) >>

I hope ya'll don't mind me responding; just for my own piece of mind, 
reference the wife and how I really feel about women in general.  My fear, 
you see, is she might become one of ya and then, since we all know that an 
endurance woman doesn't really need a man, if she joins the crowd, just what 
the heck am I gonna be good for?

I think her prime motivation was what happened at the ride she attended last 
week end, when a group of women dropped off my buckets and stuff that were at 
the away vet checks.  They delivered it all the way to my kind of remote 
campsite and I gave them each a beer.  I don't think my wife really approved 
of this type of behavior and, since it appeared I do this kind of think quite 
often, she has made a vow to attend most rides, either as a crew dog or as an 
LD rider.

She's reading Susan G's EN articles on beet pulp as I write this.  Life is 
too good.



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