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Re: RC: Dogs

Lou's Dalamations are the ones I was talking about in my previous post.  
These dogs are not only wonderful Dalmations, they are wonderful DOGS!


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>I was hoping the Dalmatian thing would not come up, and was very good at 
>But I have to chime in.
>First off, there no bad dogs - just bad owners.   Every dog breed is super 
>the "right person".
>No every breed is for everyone.  I have a ton of statistics to toss at you 
>slam almost every
>dog breed (esp Labs the most inbreed dog there is)  - but there is a dog 
>there for everyone.
>I have Dals.  And they are perfect for my life.  They are the smartest dog 
>have ever meet.  They
>both are house dogs and have been for 10 year.  They were very easy to 
>train and
>contrary to
>popular believe they are not all deaf.  The only way you get a deaf Dal is 
>a bad breeder, or
>bad lines (like hip displasia in other breeds).
>They never tire and they are THE BEST around horses.  But I can also keep 
>in my house
>for weeks a time with only pee and poo time out :-)
>I have had many dogs (Shepherds, Labs, Mix's) and none of those breeds 
>keep up with my horse
>or my husbands Mt. Biking.  If you are really going to USE you dog then the 
>is the way to go.
>You will not regret it.
>But please don't buy any dog, because it is a good idea at the time.  
>research all breeds and
>really take a look at your life and see what really will fit in.
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