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In a message dated 2/20/01 11:45:23 AM Eastern Standard Time, Coujurs1 writes:

<< The old War Eagle Endurance ride and tractor pull come to mind. >>

Well, yea, if you have a tractor then you might need a man to pull you out.  
But, then, who's gonna drive the tractor?  

And that was not a rental; she's the real deal.  After that week-end she 
wants to start riding again.  LD's might just keep happening in my family if 
she does.  

Nina, said that right off the bat too!  Didn't waste anytime.  I introduced 
them, and instead of saying, "Hi, Erica. How are you?"  or something NORMAL 
like most of us polite Southerners would do when meeting someone for the 
first time, but NOOOOOOOO, Nina has to say, "MY Condolonces," first thing, 
right off the bat, around a crowd of people who all started laughing, some of 
them uncontrollably.  

My response is, "There's nothing quite like an endurance friend.  You just 
never know what they're gonna tell the wife!"

BTW Congratulations Duane & Nina!  Am I invited?


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