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I know how to flambe Howard on the BBQ

 Howard, Done all those things you asked about, plus helped demolish the inside of a house and rebuild it, did 90% of the design work. Also know how to use all those high tech gadgets at the hospital, you know, the ones that keep your grandpa alive.  Also know how to gentle young horses, and finish them for the show ring, or endurance competition.  I can also give shots to nearly any mammal I choose, scored higher than anyone in my graduating class on the Army aptitude test (they wanted me to work on helicopters), got an A in Electronics,  and squeezed two eight pound babies out of my ****.  The only reason I don't rev up the chain saw is because some idiot designed the things so heavy that a small human cannot safely operate it.  Kind of like the idiots who designed horsetrailers so the bridle rack is 8 feet up, and the barn designer who put the hay rack at 5 feet, even though their customers average 5'4" and are women.  (Plus the horse can't put their head down in those hay racks)    Ah howard, you are just suffering from cabin fever and want to get heated up, right?  Can't wait to read the rest of the flames your gonna get.  Beth

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