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**Well, yea, if you have a tractor then you might need a man to pull you
But, then, who's gonna drive the tractor?  ***

But see, the thing is - I'm always having to pull my husband out when he
gets stuck, not the other way around.  Cuz I can look at the snow bank, mud
hole, soft ground, sand, whatever, and figure out that I'll get stuck.  Then
I don't drive in.  But, no, a man thinks he can get out of anything and then
drives into the 3' snow bank with the car with 6" clearance.  Or drives the
truck into the soggy field that the horses are already sinking into.

And when he gets stuck, he is really stuck because he is a pretty good
driver.  Our old truck was buried to the axle for 2 months - we finally had
to pay a LOT to get it out.  We still have people (like the brand inspector)
who, when we're giving directsion, interupt and say, oh, I know where that
is, you had the truck stuck in the driveway for all that time.  Ah, the
pictures I've got!

And I can remodel a house, rebuild an engine, drive the tractor.  Just can't
balance the checkbook or clean the house.

And John, I really feel for your wife and hope she recovers soon!  I'm glad
my husband's initial forays into the horse world went well, or I would never
see him - and have to change my own tires!


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