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I often have used unpasturized apple vinegar in summer as it seems to cut
down on fly and mosquito hassles for the horses.   It seems to act as an
appeitzer, they like it and it sure helps if you want to add something else
to their grain.
At the recent Horse Affaire there was a flyer stating vinegar was:   a
natural antibiotic,   detoxifier,   water purifier,  hoof treatment,
antiseptic,   and would --- reduce problems with parasites,  muscle and
joint stiffness and soreness,  fungi related issues,   strengthen bones and
tendons hoof walls and soles,  resist insects and diseases including
infections and colic.
This sure sound too good to be true,  does anyone have any information on
raw vinegar's
The flyer listed it as containing B1,  B2,  B6,  A,  C,  E,  Beta carotene,
and P
 also  Boron,  Potassium,  Seleium,  Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium,
Phosphorous, Chlorine,  Sulfur, Copper,  Iron,  Zinc,  Silicon,  Fluorine,
plus Acetic acid,  Pantothenic acid,  Lactic acid,  Citric acid,  Potash,
Ketones,  Amino acids,  Apple pectin, and enzymes.

No info on how much of anything.  Some of these would certainly be expected,
but all?

Maybe this is the next great be all, end all, of supplements???  <bg>

Any one have any ideas whether these claims are useful?


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