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Back in the saddle...

Well, I just took Shadow out for the first time in 3 1/2 months. We had 
really bad saddle fit problems and his last ride last season seemed to leave 
him a bit stressed. So he has been hanging out with his dad (both geldings) 
getting plump, fuzzy and ornery. I've known Shadow since he was a weanling, 
and he greets everyone with his ears pinned and his eyes rolling around in 
his head. He will also slowly suck your shirt into his mouth until you pry it 
open. Real endearing. However, as soon as he is tacked up the ears go up and 
he cruises along, no spooks and a trot you can sit - just sit and steer!  
Tails great and has a good mouth too. And he was just as perfect today after 
all this time off. Not bad for being gelded and hitting the trail last 
summer. So we have a conservative ride schedule planned using ECTRA and AERC 
rides close by. I hate to miss No Frills, but he will not be ready. So we 
have 2 ECTRA rides and 1 LD and then the short term goal is the OD 25. The 
terrain gets more difficult on each ride but the distance is the same, 
sounded like a plan to me anyway. Well, see you on the trails.
                              Shelly & Shadow

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