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GL Sulfate vs HCL

Hello ridecamp,

  Well I cannot seem to find the paper on the comparison between the
  two forms. The paper said they BOTH absorb very well, BUT the HCL
  was a better and lower cost form. See the Vita Flex site for their
  analysis, that is if you care to read a mfgrs opinion. I do respect
  VF, they do not put out too much fluff.  Some horses will react to
  sulfates- salts. Dont know why.
  While I have read about feeding CS and GLuc in two separate feeding,
  the size of the CS molecule does restrict absorption. What gets
  into the system will work, but so much is passed out, wasted, I
  prefer to use a product where most is going to be used.

  I and my horses are doing the Glu HCL version now for testing.



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