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RE: doing a ride in warmer climate and question on Arab type

Erica - I've always left my horses 'as is' for the NM Renegade - even
though it's NM, it can be quite cold - especially at night. If you plan
on riding up front - racing- you may want to clip - at least the
neck area, maybe a trace clip . But if you're just going for the
adventure and can slow down if it gets too hot, they should be fine.


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Sent: Saturday, February 10, 2001 11:17 AM
Subject: RC: doing a ride in warmer climate and question on Arab type

Erica DeVoti
I have two questions that I was hoping someone could help me out on--
1) I am anticipating on trailering to a multiday ride (Renegade in S. NM)
but my horse will be quite furry as we live in the Mtns of CO--to those
people that have done this before (Steph, I see you have done Renegade and
come from Idaho) do you clip for the ride and then blanket when you get back
home?  Or have you found leaving your horse "as is" works fine? I am
planning on a 50 degree or more difference in day temp. Have you had any
problems with competing with such a drastic climate change?  Any advice
would be helpful.
2) After perusing the EN and types of Arabs in the standings--what is the
difference between, "1/2 Arab", "Grade" and "Anglo-Arab"?  Thanks in advance
for your help.

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