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Re: RC: doing a ride in warmer climate and question on Arab type

In a message dated 02/10/2001 9:45:06 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< After perusing the EN and types of Arabs in the standings--what is the 
difference between, "1/2 Arab", "Grade" and "Anglo-Arab"?  Thanks in advance 
for your help.   >>

1/2 Arab means the horse is sired by, or out of a mare that is pure Arab.  
Never mind what the other half is.....
Grade means the horse could be mixed blood or it could mean, and often does 
mean, the horse is pure Arab but does not have papers, so cannot be listed as 
a pure Arab.
Anglo-Arab means the horse is a cross between an Arab and a Thoroughbred, and 
can be registered as 1/2 Arab and also registered in the Anglo-Arab registry. 
 I believe I have this all correct.


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