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Fw: Fw: [DunnMare] Re: Arabian Horses

Here's n addendum that I just recieved:
I just called their place and talked to ??  (I forgot to get her name!)
about their situation.

What they need *most* of all is homes for some of the horses.  They are
not allowed to live in their house, as it is severely burned and
therefore won't be able ot care for all the horses anymore.

If you live in Washington, Oregon, Idaho or BC, Canada....please do all
you can to find a home for some of these horses.  Two of the mares have
been with these ladies for a long time and they do not want to advertise
"white horse for sale"  they want to find them *homes*.  They live in
Darrington, which is north and east of Seattle (looks like 60 miles or

Please call your horse-loving friends, okay?!
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Subject: RC: Fw: [DunnMare] Re: Arabian Horses

> Just passing this along. There are some very nice Arabians for sale and
> at excellent prices.
> Pat
> > > Yeasterday my home burnt to the ground and all my grain and horse
> > > things halters etc,,, were in my grage,, It all went in the fire.
> > > Thank the Lord and I'm so thankful that we all made it out (even my
> > > cat) and the horses are ok.
> > > I now need to place my horses even more quickly then before,,,
> > > Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for helping me in all this. :)
> > > God Bless You !!!
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