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interesting beet pulp info


I kinda stole the info below off another list, BAD GIRL. But I thought it was a great bit of info for fellow beet pulp feeders. (hope I copied it right.) Susan G? Any thoughts?

Jennifer Kurtzhall


Came across some information about beets that I never knew before.                                         They are loaded with TMG - the precursor of the supplement DMG. 
Another name for TMG is glycine betaine or just betaine (not the same
as betaine HCl though - that doesn't work).  In fact, bet-aine was
named after beets.

For a very concise and understandable description of the benefits of
TMG, go to   Briefly
though, TMG is metabolized to DMG, also greatly enhances the
production of SAM (also known as SAM-e or "sammy" - one of the hottest
new arthritis supplements and mood elevators), converts toxic
homocysteine back into methionine and in the process detoxifies
sulfites into organic sulfur compounds (obviating the need to
supplement with MSM).

I've been trying unsuccessfully to find out how much betaine/TMG is
actually in beet pulp but found out that whole beets have 0.37%
betaine and beet molasses has 6%.  Inquiries still out on content in
the pulp but if you use the livestock form of beet pulp with molasses
added it is usually about 3% molasses.  This would yield 817 mg of TMG
per pound; four to five pounds putting you square into what should be
a therapeutic dose.  Pretty neat!

Eleanor Kellon

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