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RE: January 2001 Endurance news...

The office decided to combine March/April instead of Feb/March
issues so they could use the Feb issue to  promote the convention.
I'm not sure if it worked out well, but that was the rationale. So
you will received a combined March/April issue this year instead
of separate March and April issues.


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Dennis wrote the he hadn't received a Jan EN.  I may be wrong
but I believe that Jan is on of the 2 skip months for EN since
we only get 10 issues.  Also there is often a weeks variation in
the times folks receiver their EN's, but if you don't get a Feb.
EN within a couple of weeks call the AERC office, I've always
found the office staff to be really helpful.

I do have a copy labeled Jan 2001 with a very nice cover of Cheryl Johnson
and Thunderheart.

If I had to guess which issue is skipped - it would be the Feb. issue
the office is spending their time on the yearbook and getting ready for the


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