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Re: RC: IAHA & the internet club

A while back I called to get info about how to sign a horse up for the 
recording of points for getting a Legion of Honor(in Endurance). They didn't 
even have a brochure they could send, although I will say they were very 
helpful and photocopied the info out of a rule book for me. It just seems 
that with Endurance being the Arab horse's "thing" that there would be more 
promotion for endurance by IAHA. Maybe there are 10 times as many arabs being 
used for show, and endurance isn't seen as popular. I wonder what the figures 
are. I did notice that the Arabian Horse America info does show arabs in 
distance riding. I don't know why its so hard to get people to try endurance 
or CTR. I've only found 2 victims in almost 4 years! 


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