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IAHA & the internet club

OK gang - the internet IAHA (International Arabian Horse Association) club is Insallah.  The web page for it is

I am the endurance chair for that club.  My first job is to write a statement of goals and activities for the endurance committee.  I'm looking for ideas from you guys!  Here's what I think IAHA should be concerned with, as far as endurance goes:

1)  Promotion of distance riding in general and endurance riding specifically as the "original" and perhaps best use for Arabian horses.

2)  Improving the recognition/award system for distance/endurance riding, especially through support of rides themselves (not only IAHA rides!).  Making the awards program really exciting.

3)  (This is actually a negative idea, I'd like to figure out better wording) - Acknowledgeing that showing is not the only way to advance the breed.  (Maybe this is actually part of #1?)

Any other ideas?

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