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Re: RC: Billet length?

Get the dressage length. If you don't like them that length you can always cut them
to the standard length. If you get the standard length you can't make them longer.
With the dressage length there is less bulk under your leg.

Truman wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm about to purchase a Solstice from the ARabian Saddle Company and I was
> wondering about the consensus out there on a particular question.  Should I get
> the standard billet length that lies underneath your leg?  Or the dressage
> length?  I really don't have a history with English saddles so I have no idea
> which I would prefer over the long run.  Any advantages/disadvantages of either?
> This will hopefully be my last saddle purchase for a while so I want to make
> sure I get it right..
> To those of you who remember..  my quarter horse gelding, Harley, is going to a
> wonderful trail riding home hopefully in the next few weeks.. he got his vet
> check done yesterday and the spavins have improved.. and I love my new mare!
> She's a dream.  I keep saying over and over.. arabs are so DIFFERENT (in a good
> way)!! :)
> Julienne
> & Isabella

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