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Ride Manager Kudos

In a message dated Tue, 6 Feb 2001 20:11:32 EST writes

<The idea that ride managers are making a lot of money is ludicrous.  Even 
big name rides that make a lot of money, put it back year after year into 
bettering their trails and staffing. >

Y'all remember Goethe.........Howard's favorite ride!!!!!!!  Apparently it's 
not just Howard's.  Year before last we were packed in anywhere we could find 
to park.  Then it started raining at the ride meeting, but did quit as we 
started packing up Sunday morning to come home :~)  However, the ride went 
off without a hitch including having to have water tanked in.  There were 
plenty of vets and volunteers and everyone was in good spirits despite the 
weather.  Last year (packed in again....we LOVE this ride) we discovered a 
wash rack and water throughout the campsites.  At the ride meeting they 
announced that proceeds from this ride helped fund the well and that next 
year there would be even more improvements.  What is truly amazing  is that 
this ride is held the week before Christmas when most people have other 
things on their mind besides putting on an endurance ride AND three weeks 
later she puts on a competitive trail ride there.  Thanks, Pat 
(Thomas) are appreciated!!  

Cathy & Jazz

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