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Billet length?

Hi everyone,
I'm about to purchase a Solstice from the ARabian Saddle Company and I was
wondering about the consensus out there on a particular question.  Should I get
the standard billet length that lies underneath your leg?  Or the dressage
length?  I really don't have a history with English saddles so I have no idea
which I would prefer over the long run.  Any advantages/disadvantages of either?
This will hopefully be my last saddle purchase for a while so I want to make
sure I get it right..

To those of you who remember..  my quarter horse gelding, Harley, is going to a
wonderful trail riding home hopefully in the next few weeks.. he got his vet
check done yesterday and the spavins have improved.. and I love my new mare!
She's a dream.  I keep saying over and over.. arabs are so DIFFERENT (in a good
way)!! :)

& Isabella

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