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Re: RC: Pre-registration fee.

In a message dated 2/5/01 8:31:28 AM Eastern Standard Time, Gene & Shelley 
Dake writes:

<< Upon inquiring about this non-refundable pre-registration fee of $15 per 
entry for the Greenway Gallop, I was informed (quite proudly and as a 
matter-of-fact) that this had been their "practice for six years.  I wouldn't 
even refund the fee to someone who was a pall bearer."  Oh, I'd be proud to 
admit that!  Now, this ride is scheduled to have two one-day, 50-mile rides.  
I informed this ride representative we intended to bring four horses to her 
ride, which would mean $60 in non-refundable pre-registration fees.  >>

My goodness, what planet are you people living on?  It, obviously, cannot be 
the same one I'm inhabitating, with diesel prices almost two bucks a gallon, 
feed and hay gone up twenty percent, electric thirty percent.  Fifteen bucks 
to pre register.  That's exceptional and they should be proud of it.  And the 
Ride Manager you're speaking of is exceptional.

I really don't think anyone should dare criticise ride management unless 
you've put on a show yourself.  I cannot blame them for asking a pre 
registration fee (non refundable if you don't make it) or a twenty dollar 
late fee.  I'm sorry folks, but those days of showing up at the last minute 
are long gone unless you just go to the River Run ride in Georgia.  And for 
one thing, I'm kind of glad, cause pre registering makes those registration 
lines move a lot quicker since you already filled in and sent your papers.

Please, you really need to recognize we are now living in the twenty first 
century, the beginning of the third millennium.  We're lucky that there's 
still fuel for our vehicles to tow our horses tomake it to the ride.  Get a 
computer, download the registration, fill it out, send in the money, and quit 
complaining.  I bet you're none too happy that stamps just went up a whopping 
penny too.

Howard  (I thought I was negative until I met Gene and Shelley.  Man, does my 
knee hurt.  I'll think I'll whine about it while I'm riding my next 50)

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