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Re: Non-Refundable Pre-Registration/Early Entry Deposit

I don't think that if the Dakes didn't make it to the Greenway Gallop that
the $60 deposit is a "great deal of profit" for the ride manager.
Exploitation?  Price gouging?  Come on, folks.  Get real.  Deposits are a
fact of life.  Just like the weather.  Sometimes we place our bets (or pay
our deposits) and take our chances and sometimes we hang onto our money and
stay home.  Or as the Dakes have stated, they will take their horses
elsewhere.  That's their choice.  Different areas of the country do things
differently and when I start riding outside of Michigan, I guess that's a
fact I'll have to learn to live with.  I would not expect an exception
because I am from Michigan (or because I have an old rig or there was a
death in the family or my horse died or whatever).  I am NOT saying however
that it would not be a good idea for the sake of good public relations for a
ride manager to refund a deposit or a portion of it under extenuating

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