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Re: RC: Non-Refundable Pre-Registration/Early Entry Deposit

In a message dated 02/06/2001 4:15:13 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Not only are they penalizing riders for submitting ride entries early, in 
addition they are charging an outrageous (up to $25) late fee!!  >>

You say you have been ride managers, and yet you don't see the the reason for 
the late fee?  It's very involved....perhaps I'll write an article for the 
ride managers column about what ride managers go through to put on a ride and 
why some of us charge late fees and don't give complete refunds for 
cancellations.  It's an eye-opener and there are definitely two points of 
view, I'll admit.  But since it is the RM that takes money out of his own 
bank account to pay for the many major expenses of putting on a ride, I think 
he is justified in charging a late fee and not returning ALL of the money.
My approach is to charge a certain fee and give a discount for early entry.  
If the cancellation occurs after I have ordered meals from the caterer, I 
refund all but the cost of the meals, because the caterer charges me what I 
order, not what is consumed.  It's a rare occasion when a RM makes a profit 
on managing a ride...I just hope to break even.


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