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Update, Dennis and Julie

Mike Everett
 I visited their farm about two weeks ago to look at the horses advertised on here. Her stallion that is advertised at 153 at two years old that is now around 5 yrs. old was measured out with a stick and level at just 1/2 inch over 15 hands. She promised me that her horse was as big as advertised,but it was not. My 5 hour drive there and back was a waste of time. People that falsly advertise make me sick. She said she would change her advertisement but I see that has not been done. I offered her 2000.00 for one of her horses and she turned me down. It appeared to me that her dream to make big money breeding horses is a major contributing factor to her problems. I wish her luck and much happiness. Just my two cents. Mike Everett qbmike@hotmail

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