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Re: RC: Non-Refundable Pre-Registration/Early Entry Deposit

Patsy runs an absolutely first class endurance ride. She also runs one of the few two day rides in the east. It has become quite common for southeast region rides to require an up front deposit. Rides are very expensive to put on and if a bunch of people decide not to show, the ride manager is the person left holding the bag.

We have to few rides as it is and public bashing of ride managers will sure not help.


> have in several years (at least 10).  Upon inquiring about this non-refundable pre-registration fee of $15 per entry for the Greenway Gallop, I was informed (quite proudly and as a matter-of-fact) that this had been their “practice for six years.  I wouldn’t even refund the fee to someone who was a pall bearer.”  O--

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