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We do not charge a non refundable sign up fee but we do charge a $20.00 late
fee.  In addition, no shows are not refunded.  Sometimes that is not enough.  

Everyone has weather problems  We are not allowed to have our rides and must
cancel if it rains the week before.  Ride management must often eat the cost
of the staging area, supplies, toilets, food, and I am sure other ride
managers can list a lot more.  The private staging areas are expensive but a
set fee.  The governmental agencies in our area charge a percentage of the
GROSS, not the net, and it is usually around 15 to 20%.

If you or your horse died before a ride, the $20.00 would be the least of
your problems, especially if it was you who died.

I really doubt that any ride manager would want you to go to a ride in
hazardous road conditions and take the risk of an accident.

As for $70.00 entry fee, I would love to pay $70.00 at all the rides I go
to.  We charge the same for LD and for 50's.  It costs us the same per
rider.  The rides I go to sometimes charge up to $100.00 to enter.  

I am sorrry if this sounds harsh, but it is obvious to me that you have never
put on a ride.  Ride managers and their volunteers are saints.  While riders
are riding in harsh weather conditions, the volunteers are standing in it
waiting.....all day.  They get nothing for that.  No miles, no awards,
nothing but the riders gratitude, which is somehow enough.

The idea that ride managers are making a lot of money is ludicrous.  Even the
big name rides that make a lot of money, put it back year after year into
bettering their trails and staffing.  Most small rides barely make expenses
if that.  They don't need to hear the riders whining about how much it costs

Maryben Stover

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