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Re: RC: coughing

My horses had something like this last year.  Vet did not give antibiotics, 
as he felt it was a viral problem.  He did say to keep an eye on them, and if 
the snot turned color-yellow or green-that would be a sign that it went to a 
bacterial infection.  Then he would give antibiotics.  It seemed to take the 
younger one about three weeks to get over it, then she had an exercise cough 
for another couple weeks.  The older mare was better faster.  I definietly 
would NOT put the horse in a stall.  Temps of 40-60 are plenty warm enough 
for most horses, and the fresh air rather than closed, stale indoor air is 
much better for their respiratory system at any time, especially when they 
sick.  Since the sick horse is isolated, don't worry about it.  If the horse 
looks cold, a blanket would be a better solution.  MHO   jeri

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