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AERC Conv 'Ad'

Hello ridecamp-  Since I see other 'ads' coming up - pre convention
 info. Here is one from me.
 We now carry the hoof hardener from Delta - Crossapol. Great stuff. As
 with all our products , we have tested this for over a year now.
 Currently I am doing easy works with two horses, barefoot. Going well
 in the wet 25 ac pastures and  trail behind the house. I can get
 in over an hr work and not hit any rocks. Will put on shoes next week
 as the condx prog picks up. But this hardener is working, less then the
 other stuff. I will have it at AERC $29-pint.

 We also carry EQUITHANE - all the types. Will have some at Conv, plus
 a few guns. SPL 6 tubes/gun/doz tips $129. I sell the carts for $20
 plus ship. Better price then anywhere else. Product well tested on
 the New Mexico badlands.

 Add to the list LUWEX pads. Rim and full mesh pads. Will have some
 with me there..  the best pad I have used so far.

 HOWEVER, I will not be in the booth very much this year. Carol will be
 there with some part time help. With all the BOD meetings and
 committee meeting - I guess I wont get to play much this year. I
 'hope' to be there  for setup on Thurs till 3:30 then  part of Fri and Sat AM.
  Then when ever I get free.

 Of course we will have all the V-MAX HRM product line.
 Please remember we DO NOT do battery replacements. We can test your
 monitor with our new test-calibration tool, but NO repairs.

 Since we fly- we will have limited inventory.

 Stop by and talk HAHAHA-
 Say-- any suggestions about who YOU would like to be the AERC President
 this year? Jerry Fruth or Barney Flemming.

 p.s I now have to read all the RANTS here on RC just in case there is
 something going on that may be important for the BOD.

 However I am too busy to say much anymore.
 Hope to see many of you at Conv.
 Will post more later.--

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